7 Signs you’re a parent to a 1 year old

  1. You cannot believe it’s been a whole year since your birthed a tiny human. Where has the year gone?? You have endless photos to show people but not everyone is interested in the difference between last month and today.
Lets say she is starstruck rather than afraid of mummy

2. You still have the baby weight despite swearing to yourself 3 months into your pregnancy that this wouldn’t define your body type and you would be in shape by her first birthday

3. No longer will your baby be occupied by a jumperoo or a baby bouncer, instead they are fascinated by plug sockets, bags and dangerous items you did not existed in your house until they could crawl.

This is the start of the end!

4. You have started to learn about why so many people talk about their hate of Mr Tumble, the wiggles and in the night garden on the internet. No one can be that happy surely???

5. The wardrobes and anywhere you can store an item is full to bring of baby clothes 0-9 months but you cannot bring yourself to throw them or donate them. You keep telling yourself you will make it into one of those blankets or cushions organised mums and dads have, however your clothes remain collecting dust.

6. Naps are getting shorter. HELP

Leave me alone mum. Also you can’t deny she’s my daughter with that sarcastic face.

7. Someone calls her a toddler, taking you aback and you want to shout at them “SHE IS STILL MY BABY”

Hope you enjoyed

Katie xx

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