Spring Primark Haul 2019

Hello all

Why can I not pop into town without looking in Primark? I did need more clothes as I’m not one of those people with endless about of clothes. I kid myself that I’ll be a smaller size in 3 months time so what’s the point of buying more. Well 3 months has passed and I’m still exactly the same size and still do not have any clothes to my name that fit. You will know all too well as a mum we can’t buy clothes for ourselves once birthing a tiny human, all funds must go to making them look as cute as possible.

I picked up these gorgeous pieces that will do for everyday wear and for work.

This bag is almost a fake channel bag and the colour is just stunning for summer. I feel now Pippa is 1 there are times when I’m flying solo without her and I’m lost without her baby bag for storage. It’s the perfect size for a night out/meal out. £8

I also picked up this bum bag (do people still call them this?) and I thought it would be fab for Leeds Festival later in the year. I am aware it’s March however if I don’t get it now it may vanish. £6

I bought this fab denim skirt dungarees because this girl at work wears one who is a similar size to me, wearing it so well and I thought why not? It is shorter than I would like so probably not work attire but still great for this awkward time of year transitioning from winter to spring. £13

Next I got this spotty red shirt that I thought I could wear with leggings/jeans for work or with that denim skirt above. It’s lightweight and was a bargain. £8

I also got this black top with a zip up the front and I thought the zip just added something a bit different to an otherwise plain blacktop. £12

Another leopard print dress to add to my collection but this was a good midi length, warm and perfect for when I have ran out of leggings mid week wash (if you know you know). £13

Last in the clothing department for myself I picked up these black cotton shorts for my holiday in June, again a little way off. However I wanted to be brave and get my legs out and also I didn’t know how long they would be in shops for. £4

I got this cute top and cardigan with ladybirds on it for Pippa for her party on Saturday. How cute will she look?? £6 (Cardigan) and £1.30 top

I also got her these socks as her socks are always disappearing. They look massive and will her feet please always stay tiny and cute. £2

A few random items now. I got a newbook with labels and a pen, bargain for all my blogging notes. £3

A new fake tanning glove because my current one would not last another go. £3

Finally I saw this and thought I cannot walk past without getting one! A game of thrones inspired photo stand. I might print off a photo from comic con for here. £2.50

That is my haul! I hope you found it interesting what I bought and let me know where the best primark is by you and also the most used Primark item you own? I think mine are my slippers.

Thanks for reading

Katie xx

2 thoughts on “Spring Primark Haul 2019

  1. You got some lovely pieces from Primark! I’m loving their spring/summer range x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk


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