A guide to Easter with a baby.

Hey guys and HAPPY EASTER!!!! (OK it’s the day after but where is the cut off, is it like New Year when we wish it for weeks after?)

This year was Pip’s first proper Easter as last year she was only a few weeks old and what a difference a year makes. I’ve learnt a lot this year and I thought I would share my infinite knowledge with the internet. Whilst I’m sure most of this information is common knowledge I didn’t know about it and I’ve stumbled through the bank holiday weekend grasping at the chocolate to keep me sane.

  1. Babies don’t know it’s Easter.

I think on some level I know this but it doesn’t stop me going above and beyond to decorate my house “Easter Themed” and whilst you may call me extra this makes me happy. I have to keep saying to myself she doesn’t know it’s Easter, to her it’s another day. What I’m trying to say is your baby won’t know if you don’t get them an Easter egg, an easter basket or forget it’s Easter all together. They will forgive you this year.

2. Let’s talk chocolate

Mumsnet is the source of great/evil. I can come away feeling like I’m bossing motherhood and other times feel like I’m the devil in disguise. If you google whether your child should be allowed an Easter egg you will get mixed responses… basically it’s not been decided. So it’s up to you what you want to do. We tried Pip with a bit of chocolate a few weeks before Easter and she grimaced and we thought fab! I tried it again on Easter Sunday and we had to hide her egg because that’s all she would eat. Don’t they say everything in moderation?

3. Seeing family

To me Easter is about hot cross buns, eating too much chocolate, my Dad making a lamb roast dinner and playing board games with my family. I see my family all the time but this is tradition of course. However you spend your long weekend don’t feel that you are obliged to see family just because you have a baby and it’s Easter. Seeing all the family members, the excitement from them and the chocolate mixed together will give you mixed results from your little one.

4. Easter Basket/Easter Hunts.

Don’t bother. That’s all I’m saying. You have a baby who most likely be more interested in the wrapper/box than the event itself.

5. Easter Bunny to be or not to be?

Whilst your baby/toddler is oh so young you will probably start come out with expressions like “Look who has been” or “Look what the Easter Bunny brought you”. We have taken the decision that the Easter Bunny is alive and kicking in our house, but I’m very aware that years down the line we will have to have the conversation about him/her not been real. So make the decision now!!

I hope you found my quick mini guide helpful! We had a fab first Easter and now to consume all the Easter eggs.

I also have a Youtube Channel which you can check out my vlogs, hauls and parenting tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVmnI2nvLao

Katie xx

13 thoughts on “A guide to Easter with a baby.

  1. Aww, I hope she had a lovely first Easter! I don’t have children, but I think your first point about kids not knowing it’s Easter is quite an important one. I think it’s good to remind people that their baby won’t hold a grudge if they don’t manage to get them a treat!

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