Restarting Slimming World

Hey Guys

So I joined slimming world for the 100th time in October 2018 and at the time I said to myself and everyone this will be the time I commit, no going back and I do it for real.

So what went wrong? In some ways I’ve been true to word, I’ve continued with the majority of slimming world elements, I’m still eating majority of slimming world friendly meals and I’m telling myself I’m doing slimming world. When it comes down to it I’m around 50/50 and this is probably where it went wrong. I’m a gal in her mid twenties with a social life (whattt you can have one if you have a baby?) but also the desire to be healthier and skinner. This is the dilemma I face on almost a daily basis.

Waterfall SW

So today I’m telling myself I’m pressing the restart on the slimming world button. I go to weigh in on a Saturday and I’ve told myself next Saturday I’m going to weigh in come rain or shine I’m going. This weekend I was meant to be going for coffee and cake with friends on the Saturday and out for Sunday lunch on the Sunday with Andy. Pip had other ideas about the cake and coffee morning, knowing I needed a 100% on plan week was not feeling 100% so that came to a halt. Andy is playing a gig in the morning on the Sunday so we decided that in the afternoon we are going to go for a stroll somewhere.

So I’m feeling determined to have a 100% week and I have no plans or events this week so there is nothing to stop me. If you have done slimming world yourself before or are doing it I would love your tips for eating out, eating with friends or going to events like weddings, christenings because they are my biggest downfalls. Also been tired is also my biggest downfall!!

If you are interested I’ve included my meal plan for the week:

Saturday: Chicken Tikka Massala
Sunday: Thai Red Chicken Soup
Monday: Chilli and Rice
Tuesday: Chorizo Pasta Bake
Wednesday: Asparagus and Pea Mint Risotto
Thursday: FishCake and Wedges
Friday: Bacon, Onion and Potato Bake

My current starting weight: 12st 2lbs
My Goal Weight: 10st

Wish me luck! I’ll update you all next week on how I’ve done.

Katie xx

4 thoughts on “Restarting Slimming World

  1. Weight loss can be so hard and it’s very easy to fall back into old habits. Eating out or being too tired (or lazy in my case) to make stuff is always what trips me up. But I believe in you! šŸ™‚ Good luck.

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