My Morning Routine with a 1 year old

Hey guys

I love having a read about other people’s lives and getting to have a nosy into what they do behind the closed doors of their home (is this just me). I think that’s why I love programmes like behind the key hole, love island and I used to love Big brother before it went to Channel 5.

So if you enjoy this too then read below for my morning routine:

5.30am My body clock wakes me up 20 minutes before my alarm on my phone. So frustrating especially if Pippa is not normally awake. I’ll usually scroll through Instagram and Twitter.

5.50am I get myself up and change into a sports bra and an grubby pair of leggings. I will then take myself downstairs and hula-hoop for 10 minutes. I’m trying to do 10 minutes of hula-hooping minimum 3 times a week. Practice makes perfect!

6am Pippa is awake or I wake her up! We take ourselves downstairs and she is either extremely excited to be awake or crying because I’ve woken up. There is no in-between. I’ll place her on the floor in our back room whilst I make her a warm bottle of milk. Depending on her mood she will either sit at the baby gate to the kitchen crying wanting me to return or she take herself off to play

6.05am I’ll change Pippa into her outfit for the day and put her in a fresh nappy. This has to be done super quick or she crawl away.

6.15am Pippa will have a warm bottle of milk with me in the front room whilst we watch a video on Youtube (selected by me not her).

6.35am I will usually try put Pippa down to sleep for an hour before we have to go out. Depending on how she feels depends how this goes. It really helps if she will have a nap as then I can get ready for the day.

6.40am If Pippa is asleep I can spend time getting dressed, doing my hair and putting make-up on. If not she will sit on the bed with a toy and every 3-4 minutes I’ll have to make a mad dash before she skydives off the bed.

7am I’ll come downstairs and prepare our bags for the day ahead. Pippa has to take an empty bottle to nursery and I check she has everything she needs in her nursery bag. I pack my lunch for the day and put everything I need in my work bag. This is a lot easier if Pip is asleep, if not she will usually play in the back room (by play she will destruct everything in sight).

7.15am I’ll get Pippa into her coat and myself ready to leave the house. We usually have to compromise and I let her bring a toy into the car otherwise I’ll get a little tantrum.

7.20am We are in the car and on the way to work! I’m usually the first one to arrive at nursery but Pip loves the nursery staff more than me, flinging herself out of my arms on arrival and doesn’t say goodbye.

8.15am I’ve pulled into the car park at work and I’m usually listening to the line of duty podcast because that’s my absolute favourite.

So that’s my morning routine – I hope you found that interesting. Let me know your little stresses in the morning!

Thank you for reading

Katie xx

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19 thoughts on “My Morning Routine with a 1 year old

  1. Wow! It sounds like you are super woman! You can get yourself and Pippa ready plus do some hula-hooping too all before 7:30am, I’m very impressed! He he, aww Pippa is superr cute, I love her little denim jacket! Thanks for sharing Katie! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  2. This post brought back some memories! Although I have to say Flora was always very good once she started sleeping through the night. She never used to wake up much before 7.00am, which gave me a really good head start. Very impressed that you hula hoop x 3 a week though, something I should aspire to try too 🙂 Lisa


    1. Thank you Lisa! I do wonder if she will always be like this or one day will she let me sleep.
      I’m trying with the hula hoop!

      Katie xx


  3. I love reading other people’s morning routines! I’ve actually got a morning routine post scheduled for the near future at the moment. How are you finding hula hooping? I did weighted hula hooping for a while and I loved it but I need to get back into it!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

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