10 signs you are obsessed with line of duty (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

1.You have watched series 1-4 and now are watching series 5 and you don’t know where the time has gone. You most likely have re-watched series 1-4 to make sure you’re friend and family have watched it and to watch their reactions


2. You are constantly thinking about who H is? Is he Hastings, is he not… is it your boyfriend who is acting too calm during these tense scenes.


3. You cannot wait for Monday morning to discuss with your like-minded “straight” friends who understand their duty when discussing line of duty. Everyone is still in shock from the night before and possibly cannot do any work until it is discussed.

4. You have a crush on at least one character… RIP DOT COTTON but hello Steve Arnott with a beard

5. You obviously listen to the Line of Duty Podcast and tell everyone because a) you now are superior as you listen to podcasts and b) because it’s so funny


6. You wonder if the police are corrupt after all and question everything.

7. You repeat quotes of the show in everyday life. What do you mean you haven’t called a person a “a wee little gobshite” today?

8. You ask everyone on a regular (daily) basis if they have seen line of duty. If they haven’t you immediately tell them about why they need to watch it. This is met with horror or intrigue. 

9. If you are really obsessed you are bought and consider buying yourself Line of Duty merchandise.

10. You don’t know how you will fill the gap when Line of Duty ends. Maybe you will watch LOD on repeat until the next series

But remember there is only one thing we are interested in and THAT’S CATCHING BENT COPPERS.

Katie xx

Catch me on Twitter where I’ll be tweeting live during the final episode on tonight @katienorx

10 thoughts on “10 signs you are obsessed with line of duty (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

  1. I’ve never actually watched this programme but can definitely relate to being obsessed with a TV programme 🙈 can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Friends through!
    Alice Xx


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