#Week 1 of Slimming World

Hey guys

So the never ending question “how did I do?”

Well let’s start with breaking it down into categories:


I have had a pretty good week regarding meals and Andy has been a dream when it has come to sticking to our meal plan, cooking from recipe books I’ve selected and portioning up enough for lunches the next day. That has really helped me out.

One day I didn’t have any lunch and I went for a subway salad, not having it ages made me really enjoy it! My friend from work came with me and she did wince at the price.

The only thing I haven’t been totally amazing at is my speed food. I haven’t eaten lots of fruit and veg with every meal and that is my down fall. Andy doesn’t always remember to add a third of veg to my meal (not his fault and I don’t always tell him) and I will often leave my apple in the bottom of my lunch bag at the end of the day.


As usual my end of the week started strong and I did feel motivated. I’ve said no to fish and chips, extra butter on my potato and too much Easter egg. I have been feeling strong. I’ve maybe helped myself to a few handful of crisps in the office to get me through paperwork.

General feelings

I came on my period this month and that always makes me put weight on and makes me feel grim, wanting to reach for all the crappy food. I’ve been strong but by god it has been har.d

Anything getting in the way?

Luckily this week like I said in my blog post I’ve not had any distractions this week, no meals out but we will see what next week brings!

What does next week look like?

Today (as I’m writing this) we are going to the cinema to watch The Avengers End Game and I’ve planned my snacks within syns but later we are going to a BBQ. I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. Apart from that everything else should be OK this week and not too bad!

Weight loss:

Last week: 12st 2lbs

This week: 11st 12.5

Weight loss: 3.5lbs!!

See you next week for another update xx

Katie xx

10 thoughts on “#Week 1 of Slimming World

  1. Wow, losing 3.5lbs in the first week is awesome! Go girl! It sounds like you have had a great start and well done for staying strong, especially whilst being on a period. I know I usually just want to eat alll the chocolate and rubbish food. Good luck Katie, you are doing amazingly, all the best for week 2! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


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