My review on big baby items (0-12 months)

Hey guys

I am still in disbelief I have a 1 year old… I know that’s how time works but where does the time go? My little girl is a crawling, standing sass machine and I love it but it freaks me out sometimes as to “wow I’m an actual adult now”. The past year has been about figuring out what works for parents and as new parents having good intel about baby items was a must so I thought I’d write a little review.

Moses basket

I wanted a Moses basket from the off for Pip and I didn’t really consider any of these more modern options e.g. snooze pods etc as I knew a Moses basket would be perfect. Well in my true new mother logic I ended up with three – one for upstairs, one for downstairs and one for when she went to my parents house. In hindsight this is slightly ridiculous and we now have three Moses baskets. The trouble for me was I didn’t want to leave her to nap before 3 months old in a room on her own so I would have her downstairs with me. Again I didn’t want to be taking it to my parents house every time we visited so she could have a sleep? Pip is a baby that will only sleep in a cot/Moses basket and won’t fall asleep in my arms.

So Moses baskets are really affordable, I don’t think you will need three but they last until your baby is ready to go into her own room.

This is the one I purchased for mother care (three times!)


This was one of the first things I bought when I was pregnant in a winter sale. I wanted a pram that could fit a car seat in and was all black as that goes with a baby right? We ended up settling on the Joie pram from mother care that was reduced at the time and we still use it now. If you want a lightweight pram then this is not the one for you as it’s pretty sturdy. It’s all black and I’ve seen a lot of fancier, pretty ones however this does the job excellently and it moves easily from car seat to pram. For the price it includes a car seat, flat pram and sitting up pram (all the correct terms I’m sure).


We looked at a lot of high chairs and I’ll tell you reviews are mixed on every high chair. We really struggled then my holy grail of shops Mothercare had a sale!!!?! So opted for this high chair that was reduced and it is so good. It cleans easy, straps can be adjusted and the table helps with her baby led weaning.

Baby safari

We didn’t know we needed this at first but when I saw it I knew we did. It’s like a baby jungle gym (American terms I think). It’s fab for baby’s sensory needs and keeping them entertained whilst you make a cup of tea. It was also great for Pippa having a short nap on, learning to reach and grab toys and learning to roll over.


I didn’t know what else to call this but we called this Pippa’s seat. It was her chair we would put her in when we weren’t holding her when she was small. It was perfect as it let her interact with us, we could have a little break and she could play with her toys safely. Pips didn’t like been held for long periods of time and preferred to be in here. We got ours for £3 from facebook buy and sell.


When Pippa left me to go into her own bedroom, leaving my abandoned and lost (I mean not her fault but I’m still mourning) at 6 months old we wanted a good crib for her. They all looked massive and too big for my little girl, however as soon as she was in it it was like she was free! Pip immediately started sleeping on her front something she had not been able to do in the Moses basket. We got ours from Ikea.

Swinging chair

This was a complete wasted purchase. It was expensive and yet Pips absolutely hated it. I had wished we had invested in a jumperoo now instead but every time we put her in this chair she would scream. It was a chair that would gently rock her to music however this was not her cup of tea.

Perfect Prep Machine

This was given to us as a present but now having used it, if it had ever broken I would have immediately repurchased it. It was amazing and we did it both ways, making Pippa bottles before hand with the kettle and the prep machine and it was like a calmness came into our lives. It prepares a bottle to the perfect temperature with just the touch of a button.

I hope you found this useful! Lets be honest babies are expensive!

Katie xx

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