These are my boobs so back off!

Hey guys

Well what A confrontational and aggressive title of this blog post but the point of it is about breastfeeding.

When you become pregnant it’s a hot topic of conversation: Will you or won’t you breastfeed? I feel it’s imposed on women that they must breastfeed and if they don’t they are less of a person. Women who do breastfeed just glide their boob out in public, so elegantly and are able to carry out on a conversation, eat their dinner and work whilst feeding their infant. The women who don’t do this and are seen making up a bottle in the middle of Costa are looked upon as lesser but why?

Everyone wants to know will you or won’t you breastfeed? I mean to be frank it’s no-one’s business which I decide apart from me, my boyfriend and our baby. However everyone has an opinion, a tip or a story to tell you about it and whilst most people are not been rude they are making conversation or generally interested it gets a bit much.

When I was pregnant with Pip I was told that breast-feeding wasn’t an option to me due to the medication I was on and will always be. This was quite a blow at the time, but I had done my research before hand and found that this may be the case. I was dis-heartened as breastfeeding is natural and the option had been taking away from me.

However bottle feeding was so beneficial for everyone involved. It meant I could get sleep as Andy could do feeds, it meant Pip could go to the grandparents and not rely on my boob and it meant that Pip got to bond with both of us at the same time. The first 3 months I recall as tough, tiring and glorious all at the same time however if I was constantly breastfeeding I’m not sure I’d be alive today to tell this story. 

Since Pip has been born I still get the question “Are you breastfeeding?”, “why not?” and it’s a honest PAIN IN THE ASS. I’ve been kind enough to talk to you about my boobs then we have to discuss my options as well? I NEVER respond by telling them it’s my medication instead I tell them I wanted to share it with Andy, I wanted sleep etc. I’m met with most of the time “Oh right”. Sorry did you not approve of my boob scenario?

So can I just tell you all now. If you are have a pregnant friend/family member or a new mum then don’t ask them about their boobs unless they bring it up. How would you like it if I asked you “Do you like nipple tassels or nipple clamps?”

Thanks for reading! Please share if you found this interesting

Katie xx

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