A guide to renting your first property.

Hey congratulations you are looking to renting your first property! I thought I would make a little guide to help you through the process

Before you start renting

1.Look at how much you can reasonably afford a month. It will help you if you have an idea in your head and if you are completely clueless as to what the average is in your age then look at properties in the area you want.

2. Once you have figured out how much you can spend on rent a month, then take into consideration how much money you will need for bills (Water, Gas, Electric, Council Tax, TV Licence, Broadband). You may love a property but you need to check out their council band in the UK as this will affect how much you pay. If you check your council’s website you will be able to find this information there

3. My top websites to search for rental properties include: Rightmove and Zoopla.

4. If you see a property that you like and is your price range make sure it’s reasonably priced. If it’s extremely low rent despite been a large property you may need to question why this is?

5. To help narrow your search on these website you can filter options to exclude shared properties and retirement homes.

You found properties you like- what’s next?

6. Viewing them is so important! You can either request to view them through the website or call the letting agents themselves and arrange it. Calling the letting agent may be easier as they may be more flexible to your availability for viewings.

7. When you go view a property, take someone else with you even if you plan on living alone. They will provide you with a separate pair of eyes that may see concerns or highlights within the property you did not see.

8. Write a list of questions to take with you. I would ask

a. Why did the last renters move out?

b. Who would I contact for maintenance of the home?

c. Is there any mould in the home?

9. You may want to go back to look at the property in a few days. You may have thought of more questions or want to take a second look. Properties do move fast though so consider making the appointment to return at the first viewing.

10. Consider driving to the property at night or during rush hour to see what the area around the home is like during these times.

11. Do your research about the local area and see if there are places you want close by, close to transport links, close to schools and what the crime is like I the area.

So you are ready to rent the property!

12. You will need to contact the letting agents and let them know you want to rent the property. This will get the ball rolling but it’s not instant.

13. Be expected that when when you want to rent the property you will need to pay letting fees (usually a couple of hundred pounds) and 1 month deposit. These are mandatory to rent a property.

14. You will usually be asked to provide details of your employer. This is so your letting agents can verify that you will be able to afford the rent and you hold a stable job. They will request information from your employer in writing.

15. You will then need to sign the documents and make sure you read through the policies and documents they send you!

16. An inventory will be made of the property by the letting agents/landlord of the property prior to you moving in. I would recommend you take photos of any items/places within the property that were faulty, marked, stained prior to you moving in so you don’t lose your deposit.

17. Prior to moving in arrange with broadband companies a day they can come install your broadband following your moving day. You don’t want to be left without internet.

Katienor moving

Moving in day!

18. You are moving into your property finally! You will be told a day by your landlord/letting agency to come collect the keys. They will usually arrange with you before hand about whether the landlord is going to come meet you when you move in, turning the gas/electric on and the water on.

19. Make sure you have all the numbers to hand for example landlord, letting agency, out of hours maintenance because there are bound to be a few problems when you first move in and you will need help with.

20. Arrange for your post to be forwarded onto you from your previous address. This will give you time whilst you let everyone know you have changed addresses including friends, family, bank etc.

21. Get a spare key cut as soon as possible and give this to a family member or friend you trust. You are bound to get locked out eventually.

Moving out

22. You are coming to the end of your tenancy. You have decided not to renew it. Double check on your contract how much notice you need to give prior to moving out.

22. You will usually have to fill in the holes in the wall if you have hung photos/pictures and redecorate any room. Check with your landlord as they may not mind the changes you have made.

23. Consider hiring a cleaning service to complete a deep clean of the property the day before you move. Cleaning is such a hassle and you will have to have it clean prior to moving out.

24. Check with your letting agents how they want they keys giving back to them. They may want them in an envelope posted back through the door or handed into them.

That is my comprehensive renting guide! I hope you found it useful. Let me know if you did and whether you would like a guide on how to make a home your own when you are renting.

Katie xx

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