Life update

Hello huns

It has been a little while hasn’t it? I wanted to write a life update, a catch up post if you will to share with you what I’ve been doing over the past few months. I want to tell you that I’ve moved abroad, I’m now super advanced in my career, I’ve been on the X factor and I’m a brand now…..If you believe that you will believe anything…

Blogging took a pause in my life. I didn’t know whether it was for me, I couldn’t get my head back into it and I felt the pressure of been a big blogger. On reflection this is not what I want AT ALL. Obviously it would be lovely eventually to have recognition of something I love however this is a space for me, it’s my own created world and I do not have to make it anything straight away. The pressure has disappeared (for now – I am a realist).

I am still working full time as a social worker, however my work are super flexible and have allowed me to change my hours so I now work 5 days over 4 days. This has meant I can take a day off during the week to care for my little girl Pip and spend more quality time for her. It has also been great for my mental health and work-life balance to have a day that is mine.

The realisation Mum has ran out of chocolate coins.

We have a couple of trips planned in the next few months; nothing too exciting but watch this space as it’s exciting for us as a family. I’m also looking into Disneyland Paris for myself and Andy as a little long weekend away next year. Any tips for booking this let me know!!

I have a toddler who rules the roost. Pip is developing at such a speed everyday and she is one smart cookie. She is currently 20 months old going on 25.

This biggest news is that we have bought a house!!! It’s super exciting and we are just in the exchanging contract stage. It’s so cool to have a house that is ours to own and Andy thinks I’m crazy to get excited over light switches, lamp shades and curtains. We are still staying in Staffordshire but a little closer to my work and a bit further away from the city centre.

So that is my life in a nutshell really. I also found my first grey hair and I blame it on the recent inspection at work. Sorry but that is some news I had to share that was utterly devastating.

Hope you stick around – I’m hoping to post twice a week for now.

Katie xxx

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