4 Rule Guide to Buying Presents For My Toddler

Hello huns

I’ve done my Christmas Shopping. Don’t be jealous, some of us are just winners and some are still headless chicken. I do have to say this is my only area of life I excel in as I love shopping and I love Christmas. I also hate feeling panicked into buying a pointless present.

I currently have a 20 month old and if you asked what she wanted for Christmas I would either get told “yogurt” or she would tell me “no” as she is not able to understand what Christmas means. So it is pointless over spending on her so whilst she may understand this time of year is special and different, she doesn’t truly understand why Mummy is disappointed because she spent 5 minutes playing with the £50 present and preferred to the box it came in.

  1. Buy something they want.

Like I just said, Pip can’t tell me what she wants but I am taking an educated guess. I have bought her a happy land princess castle that was second hand on Facebook Buy and Sell for £5 (If you buy brand new £40). It doesn’t have the box but in amazing condition.

2. Buy something they need.

I cheated at this bit as I bought something I NEEDED for my sanity. I bought her a aqua drawing kit that will only allow her to draw on the mat. Pip loves drawing and I thought it might save my furniture too.

3. Buy something to wear.

I bought new PJs for Pip this year that will be too big but she can grow into them. I bought them from Primark so super affordable.

4. Buy something to read.

I went to a second hand baby event and bought a book for her to read. I know she will love it as she loves animals, especially owls.

I know she will get loads of presents from her grandparents, her uncles and friends of ours but I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on items she doesn’t need.

Let me know what you think of the 4 rule guide to buying presents and what your budget is for presents.

Thanks Katie xx

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